I have this place I love to walk. I’ve shared it before, and it is worth a revisit. I’ve never been someone who could go round and round on a track or pump away on a treadmill or Stairmaster in a gym. For me, it is the winding paths, fresh air, hidden corners, twists and turns that bring me joy and a feeling of new beginnings.

Find your favorite spots and repeat.

This doesn’t mean I go walk somewhere new every time I exercise. On the contrary, I do take the same path much of the time. It is more of the mental impact it has on me to not see what is around every corner. And somedays, there is a comfort of knowing what is around the bend. Some faith required here. No matter lies ahead, we welcome it. We invite in, the changes in landscape (like in life) that will consistently happen.

I love the energy of it, the meandering, the wonder of seeing nature as it envelopes you around each turn. It is a practice in mindfulness. I want to take in my surroundings and feel grounded and grateful. It is an exploration where each step is natural but yet not always secure. I just can’t get this experience from a cardio machine.

Carve out fresh air alone time.

We only have so many hours in a day and sometimes, less than an hour to spend being active or alone with our thoughts. I like to combine these two activities, one for efficiency purposes, and two, for the added richness that movement and fresh air provide. I find outdoor walks to be cathartic and time for spurring ideas and creativity. My breathing is rhythmic, and I find my mind will naturally explore and from a clearer space.

Why it matters: headspace.

In all the chapters I’ve lived through, movement outside in nature, has secured precious head space. It welcomes new ideas, inspiration, and always a more positive perception than before I started. There are and will continue to be MANY days where putting on my clothes and shoes to venture outside is not appealing. Whether it be on a cold, early morning before work or I just feel lazy. Each time I overcome these hesitancies; I am so grateful. Not once has being outdoors led me to feeling sad or lost or more confused, mentally. Sure, there are days I turn around in 10 minutes because of schedule or weather, but I’m always glad I went for it. I gain such important perspective, an improved mood and higher energy levels to take on the day, whatever that may bring.