Perspective. It is everything. We judge. We change our minds. We walk a different pace and path. We rest, rethink, regress, reboot and start anew. How many times have we all stopped in our proverbial tracks to contemplate a new beginning or question a decision? Countless times. But, the point here is, doesn’t it always get us somewhere new? The stopping, restarting, taking a fresh look,… it gives us pause. “Am I getting it right?”

Every walk I take in nature brings me somewhere better than where I started. It could be as simple as shaking off the cobwebs of a tense meeting at work or as deep as rethinking a parenting decision. There is just something about taking in fresh air and feeling small amongst the trees and the sky. It gives me room to breathe and to clear clutter. The solitude of it is where I find perspective. Today I stopped by this funky little tree. It looked like it had stopped growing at one point and then little by little sprouted new branches. These new branches weren’t the same, not uniform with the rest of the tree, in fact, it looked like a completely different tree from its trunk and original form. With a closer look, I noticed the trunk had hollowed and some of it had died. But that dichotomy is exactly what stopped me and made me think. Do we really need to grow consistently, sprout the same type of seeds over and again? Or is it more important to grow organically, in the direction and style that embraces all of the change inside of us? I take the latter approach. How special it is to be able to morph into something completely unique while retaining the foundation of where we’ve been… a reminder of where we started… And that it’s never too late to blossom.