How would you fill in the blank? Keep it clean, kids 😉

Fridays are for FUN, of course!

And for Family. Let’s combine them! I’m a true believer that kids, whether they seem like they want to or not, do enjoy some togetherness with us after a long week of school and peer-time. I’m not saying to force this time, but coming up with an hour or two of togetherness wrapped in fun is super worth it. Whether it is game night or just a lively and interactive dinner conversation, this time together does us all a lot of good.

If it doesn’t work out the way you plan, that’s OK too. This is a major and common misstep we can make as parents of growing kids, especially teenagers, the expectation trap. Even when we set something up perfectly, there will be hiccups and sometimes just a big flop of an evening. The easier we roll with these disappointments, the better we all are as a result. Life is just not cut out that way and kids need to know that. We all get let down and build up expectations from time to time. The key is, for our own sanity and for a teaching opportunity, is to just shake it off, make a joke about “best laid plans” and recover your night. Maybe this means one kid is out throwing football with the neighbors and the other one is in a mood, leaving you and your spouse staring at each other. Oh well! Make a fun cocktail and go with it. Make sure they all have a hug and dinner and try again another night.

One thing I don’t recommend is freaking out because I’ve done it. I have stormed out of a room, let my kid know how bummed out I was or how disappointed and that is just a big, fat heavy weight for them/him to carry. Maybe instead, if we’d just embrace those moments as an opportunity to be present with ourselves and/or whomever is left in the house, we’d have a much better evening and a lot less guilt the next day for spewing all over everyone in the fam.

And if all else fails, come up with other things that start with an F you can do with your Friday. I bet you will come up with something 😉