The Stationery Shop

What I loved most about this book was its ability to draw me in to the story telling. I always want to find a book that wraps me up like a warm blanket, where I’ll do what it takes to stay up all night if I have to, in order to finish it. That’s how I felt about The Stationary Shop by Marjan Kamali. Right from the start, I devoured the characters, moving page to page without thought. I often read for joy and escape, and this is what this book brought me. While the tale ushers in heartache of love lost, there is also a pondering of purpose you take on, as the reader. The universe has ways of seemingly messing with the order of things while at the same time, making sense of it all and usually if not always, much later in life. I hope you fall for the characters and story as it unfolds like I did. It has truly been a while since I’ve enveloped myself in a journey as I did with Roya, Bahman, the streets of Tehran and in modern day Boston. Prepare for some late nights and sweet dreams and maybe even some life questions yourself as you immerse yourself in this unique and palpable love story.

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