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In life, we are always evolving. What matters, above anything else is, how we move through and towards times of transition. Relationships, our own childhood wounds, the chapters of parenthood, career change or moving your whole life to a new place, our sense of identity is tested and in BIG ways. We need to lean into these chapters for growth; embracing not dreading or fighting change.

Heather’s real, straight-shooting approach to life transitions is both refreshing and empowering. Start living the best version of YOU, no matter what is changing around you.

Meet Heather

Heather is a mom and stepmom of three kids, ages 12 to 20. Through her life, Heather has successfully risen through many challenges and transitions. Whether it be parental abandonment, alcoholism in the family, loss, divorce, picking up and starting anew many times over and now through adventures in her own parenting/stepparenting, she will share with you everything she has learned and in ways you’ll feel immediately connected to.

In her research, she found that there really wasn’t anyone out there talking specifically about what you go through inside, watching your child grow up and need you less, how heart wrenching it can be. How your whole sense of identity staggers and what you can do to truly be happy and strong for yourself. As a bonus, the child wins and your relationship thrives. Instead, there are plenty of blogs on parenting and being a new mom, the struggles of parenting a teenager, etc. but nothing devoted to the emotional wellbeing of us as mothers. When Heather began to struggle in big ways as her own son entered this life stage as a tween/teen, she realized there was a real need to write about it, talk about it, speak and connect about it.

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From muddling through divorce into a chapter as a single mom and then finding love again, to braving the tween years as a child becomes less dependent on you as a caregiver or companion; so many key moments when you are faced with fear and the question of, “where will my meaning and purpose come from now?”. Heather shares with you pieces of her journey and how you can continue to thrive, even in the hardest of transitions.

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    “What I love most about Heather is her integrity and curiosity. She is willing to be with and ask the most difficult questions in becoming the best version of herself. Her commitment to her personal growth ensures that she is a present and loving guide as a mother. She has such a magnetic and beautiful energy and I know that whatever she does in this world, through her writing, will serve and help so many.”

    Alison Canavan,, Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach

    Full of courage & heart, Heather takes on life with a rare optimism & resilience. She is always willing to own her stuff and work the challenge. The powerful combination of insight and outward joy are her superpowers! Successfully navigating a modern life full of twists and turns, Heather will bring real wisdom through her writing.

    Tricia Ferrara, LPC Award winning author ‘Parenting 2.0’ Appearances NBC CNN FOX CBS

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